Princesses on tour 

Free foot massage in the airport

*cue siren from The Purge*

Well I didn’t really want to come here. The early rise to leave our lux home didn’t help. Fyi singapore airport is not as amazing as I’ve heard it is. Our flight had what we call in the industry a firm landing. The passengers gasped and karen and I giggled to ourselves. 

It’s been 10 hours and I haven’t witnessed anybody being shot. So it’s going better than I anticipated. Standing in line in quarantine, my canadianness came out and people were standing way the heck too close to me. There’s no need to push. Nobody checked my arrival and claims cards. I felt like I did homework that just got completion marks. I put in effort! Someone appreciate it and grade me! 

Stopped at 7/11 and plowed through the tiny aisles with our giant backpacks. I pulled out the ol three point turn.

Philippines seems better off than cambodia. Slightly. At least here in Cebu

Found our hostel. One of the guys taught us thank you and hello. He threw in ‘beautiful’ to our tagalog lesson and suddenly I decided i have a husband that has to currently work so he couldn’t come on vacation. We got a free upgrade to the a/C room. The front desk guys carried our bags to our room and said we would be treated like princesses (to be clear we are in a hostel. I don’t even expect my bed to be made) In the future,  if I ever feel down on myself I’ll book a ticket to the Philippines 

The front desk guys told us local fruit prices so we don’t get ripped off. We got a coconut and karen showed me the tricks of the trade sans straw. We met a coconut eating dog. Picked up a watermelon and mangoes 😀 

I’m not too sure what I’ll be eating here as its pretty meat heavy. However bread and fruit is always delicious. There’s also sweet chili basil lays chips that I don’t mind having an excuse to eat.

Annnnnnd why the helllllll do the men next to my bed always have multiple shoes in the way. Like one pair is like, ok you have size enormous feet and you’re careless but 3 pairs! 3 pairs! Omg. You don’t need 3 pairs of size 13 all lined up at the bottom of your ladder sir. No. It’s a narrow pathway. And tonight this other guy has 2 pairs of flip flops in the way. I don’t understand. Are they your inside and outside flip flops that are simultaneously needed at the same time? 

Anyways I clearly need to sleep. 😧😪


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  1. irene fizzell says:

    I bet it’s nice to have a travel companion, always fun to share adventures. Enjoy the Philippines!


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