We decided to chill. Have good coffee. (Slow service and bottomless coffee dont go well together) We went to the beach. It was the first time I’ve gone in the ocean since I’ve been away! So nice. She taught me how to eat a mango in the ocean and dip it for saltiness. Don’t judge till you’ve tried it. I ate salt out of the mud in Cambodia.  I’m not above that. And I think my mango peel attached a fish that bit karen and so that was that….

We walked a few km to find McDonald’s to get some better wifi. No dice. I bought a sim card for my locked phone. Genius. (Doesnt work) Found a grocery store. A prayer came on the PA. Everyone was silent and froze. I’ve never experienced anything like that. The moment it was over everyone picked up where they left off in their busy lives

They have baby cologne… if your baby doesn’t have the right baby smell? I found one that smelled more like real cologne and held it for karen to smell. I tried to enhance the sent by squeezing the bottle. The liquid squirted up into Karens nose. I gasped and she screamed and we terrified the boys working in the deli

I want my baby to smell like a swing set

Got back after dark. Chilled at the hostel. Yesterday there were a few cockroaches. It was tolerable. There’s a full moon tonight or something because it became an infestation. I have no issue with cockroaches because I have no experience with them. Karen on the other hand lost her mind. I stole Karens shoe for my weapon. After about an hour of killing, 6 crawled out from their spot at once. One-shoed-karen screamed and grabbed my boob in the attempt to leap into my arms. We decided to move hostels with a Swedish couple in tow. 🐜

So. …all in all its a good day not to be karen.

 The new place has good wifi! Yayy 


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