Coming into singapore was a little alarming. I knew they were strict but on the passenger declaration cards in red letters it said “pentalty for drug trafficking is death by firing squad.” (More illegal things include…no gum, spitting, obscene gestures, or durian in public transit.)

Breakfast was complimentary. Boohya. They had Kaya with is a coconut cream spread that’s popular here.  It’s pretty good with peanut butter. 

I had a great shower that had both hot water and water pressure. 

It’s super humid!

We wondered around in the endless shopping malls that seem to around tell be joined together. 

There’s large overwhelming food courts in the basements. What I ended up getting was underwhelming. Dessert was shaved ice. There were some super odd ingredients. We decided to try durian for the first time. Karen nearly died. I’m more confused than anything. I think it tastes worse than it smells. It’s smell is discribed as dirty socks or an old gym bag but it just smells like fruit to me. Before getting the dessert karen challenged us that need go try the fruit by itself. It backfired on her! She hates durian more than myself and I’m not letting her back out of this.

The rejected durian mingling with the shaved ice flavours

There’s friendly propoganda everywhere. There’s cute subway characters with names like give way Glenda and bag down Benny. There’s also characters like a leaf called eco Eva and a sun called smiley ray. Anyways it all seems to work. The city is immaculate to a point where the fallen leaves look out of place. I was just happy to be away from public urination 


The singapore dollar is about the same as the canadian. But things are priced redonkulously. The cheapest alcoholic drink I saw was 15 dollars for a draft beer. Coming from 50 cent beets that’s a bit of a stretch 

Coming home from dinner a guy started talking to us and wanted to know what we were doing and where we were staying. He shook Karens hand first and kissed the back of it. I was like oh great. Here we go. That gesture reallllly bothers me. I shook his hand and wouldn’t rotate my wrist or raise my arm. Modern arm wrestling lol. Karen said it was the most awkward thing to watch. At least he got the hint and got off the train on the first stop

Here’s our hotel, the view, and glamour shots


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  1. Nan says:

    I love watching the to of you watching if you ‘re having a great time


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