Thresure sharks

Got up early to meet the thresure sharks. They look a little silly and have a very long tip in their tail. We saw three. One was right above us and my dive instructor and I didn’t see it. Karen grabbed a hold of my flipper and shook it. I thought she ran out of air or something haha. 

I met a very smart street doggo at lunch. We walked by him and he was pretending his back legs didn’t work, dragging them behind his body while he walked. Liar. Then he sat next to us during early lunch between dives

The second dive we went to chocolate island across from Maya

It was a Marco dive, so all about the small stuff. The first part was nice then I was having bouycancy issues and it was really frustrating. Between trying to stay down but not crash into the coal,  it wasn’t that great. There were some cool little creatures though. I think there was some air in my vest that I couldn’t get out. Before diving our instructor warned us that there’s dynamite fishing around Maya. In case we heart a loud sound…but it’s far enough away to not harm us.

There’s roosters everyyyyywhere. And not a lot of hens. We think there’s cock fighting and according to Google it’s a big deal in the Philippines and it’s legal

Karen fell asleep after she promised me she would help me with a litre of beer. Tsk tsk


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  1. Irene Fizzell says:

    Lovely, have a great weekend.


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