Have you ever wondered where the bucket hats from the 90s ended up? They’re in Sen Monorom, Cambodia. All of them. And the women wearing them are also wearing a velure matching track suit, sitting on the steps of their stilted house with a thatched roof, watching their potbelly pig.

In Vietnam or Cambodia, or both… I’m not sure. You can shoot a cow. One traveler has a story of buying the cow to save it from its pointless death. Then proceeding to wander around for a long time, with his new friend, looking for who would give him a new home. At least if he ended up as food it would be a more purposeful death?

Oh last thing about cambodia. When I was in the temples I said it looked like they were destroyed more than just the jungle taking over and they were during the khmer Rouge. That’s why all the heads are missing I think

I feel asleep in the tuk tuk going to the airport. Yikes. I was just suddenly very tired and very hot

I didn’t get mugged in phnom penh! Success! 

Bye bye cambodia! 

Normally…I’m not a starbucks fan. (Not true since living in my little community) but I’m going to say that getting a starbucks drink in the airport on my way out is a must. But ill require myself to get the funny Asian ones. This is an espresso matcha fusion

I’m In Singapore now. It’s very nice. The transit is super easy compared to tokyo. Everything has airconditioning. There’s lots of english. I don’t think it’s their first language? But it seems like it. 

I was rummaging through my bag in the airport and walked away. A old man ran up to me with my spare credit card that I kept in a not so great secret spot. I need a new hiding spot haha

 I got lost walking from the train and hailed a taxi. I’m glad I did! I wouldn’t find this place. Met up with my friend, karen 😀


4 Comments Add yours

  1. irene fizzell says:

    Looking forward to seeing where you land next 💕


  2. Nan says:

    WOW returned your CC-how great was that. not a skaredy cat type of person but I am really happy you are out of Cambodia can’t even tell you why….maybe all the stories about the war dunno, but thrilled you are with Karen give her a big hug from me


  3. Nan says:

    Hope you and Karen are having a wonderful day. Surprise…….mine will be with your Mom and DINI such a lucky old fart I am the only thing to make it better is if you were with us…or we were with you


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