Don’t rock the boat

Had a traditional breakfast of coco rice with coconut and condensed milk. Ya it’d pretty good. Skipped the coffee as Karens yesterday was disappointing and chewy. (Almost as disappointing as the fruit rum punch I had that was carrot and cucumber and rum. ….not recommended)

Made a plan early on that I wouldn’t be rushed today. Seems like they want to rush tourists here. Which I don’t understand because everything else is very slow. Getting your food, getting your change, a meandering walking pace.

We went to find the boat and stopped for buy snacks. A guy saw our bags and tried to heard us onto the boat and I was like no. Leave or wait, there’s another boat in 30 minutes. He waited. Then we waddled VERY slowly through the water to a small boat that transfered us to the big boat. I fell asleep, feeling the lack of coffee. We arrived near the other shore and it was time to get on a small boat again… well there was a lot of yelling and many small tourist children flailing about. A few screams and a few more children almost clocked in the head by an overhanging 2 by 4. People grabbing onto you (which is well out of my comfort zone) The little boat was so overloaded. I got my passport and a credit card attached to my body and I was convinced i could swim to shore. Then it was kinda fun after I didn’t care. 

Sat in the back of the bus for bus ride #1 

Bathroom break. It’s a hard life being European giants

Then on bus #2 they charged us for 4 seats and made us sit in the back. 1 each plus 1 for each of our bags. It was so unnecessary. One of the seats is actually a wooden stool handmade to fit in the aisle. Karens finger for reference. 

However there was a rooster in a bag that was on his way to a bug fight. His tail didn’t fit in his bag


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  1. Irene Fizzell says:

    Such adventures you are having, personal space is an interesting concept that we kind of take for granted as long as you aren’t navigating buses or subways on your way to work.


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