Phnom Penh round 2

Oh I forgot to say I saw bank guards rough housing yesterday. One of them had an automatic rifle. All giggles. No big. 

I’ll never get used to brits saying “are you alight?” I’m told it means how are you. But to me it means I look sick or I forgot to put on pants. I’m sure it’s pretty funny when someone asks me how I am, and I took around panicked or get offended and answer with a yes and a frown.

Back to phnom penh, where you can buy 2 birds for $1 on the river boardwalk. Or perhaps you would prefer an adult dalmatian for $20. I should’ve took a picture of them. Sometimes things are so out of place you know something twisted is going on. Cuella deville? Have some green mango with spicy salt and crickets. Honestly I’m stoked if I don’t get mugged in this city. Knock on wood. Just not red varnished wood because it’s illegally logged. 

Spent the first half of the day on the bus. I didn’t sleep much due to kareoke night at my hotel. It sounded like they were in my room. I was happy i didnt participate when i could clearly hear a guy puking. It was cheap. Idk what I expected. Found a shirt for 50 cents to cover some of my burn. Ate at a vegetarian resturant. Fresh passion fruit juice is life. It’s local prices but vegetarian food. I’ll probably eat there ever meal till I leave. 

I wore shorts for the first time (let the tattoos free). I got called a Rockstar by a tuk tuk driver. 

I booked the hostel I stayed in before. Largely because it’s very easy to meet people here. I haven’t sat downstairs without getting to know someone. So that was the birthday plan. I have picked up a random booked from someone and I don’t like it. So I was patiently waiting and begrudgingly reading till someone talked to me or I had an opportunity. It worked 😛 met a girl from the UK who’s boyfriends birthday Is also today. I showed her the area and we had Indian for dinner. Which I was surprised she agreed to as she just came from India. She was also shocked that you can buy 2 birds for $1.


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  1. Nan says:

    You Birthday, whether it was yesterday, today or tomorrow sounds like the most fun one a person could have. Thank you for ‘freeing’ the poppies even if they burn a little. Your Mom got me some tulips that kind of did the same thing. Here goes Nan trying to take a picture. I was going to try and get a few surprised sewing things done over the next couple of weeks but have a feeling that may not happen. Gotta love the stuff but the morphine shit keeps interfering. I think I wrote Sandy yesterday and hope like hell she has a loonie tune to earth translation dictionay. If not it will give her loads of rainy days to figure it out. Love you…am going to check out for a few hours before stupid sets in. ….real stupid sets in.


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