Last day with the elies 

Yesterday was my last day with the elephants. I volunteered in the morning. Thank god because it was crazy difficult and if it was after seeing the elephants I’d just start walking towards town. We made steps and fixed the railing on the tail.  I was told the wood around here is hard and I was like ya sure whatever. But oh my hufelump! Wow. So it took 7 of us about 4 hours to repair 6 steps. And a step was a 2 foot log with 3 pegs holding it down. I have a blister on my thumb.  I’m so tough.

Our local/cultural guide found a pumpkin for the elephants. He was pretty proud of himself

We saw two elephants. We followed them around and watched them rip up trees and eat them. Below is a picture of one pulling up a tree. It’s kinda hard to tell. They wrap their trunk around, bite down, and pull. The sound of all the roots snapping is cool.

Today I had the worse breakfast EVER. I think i put a tempura type sauce on my pancakes. It was salty. I thought it was maple syrup. It was horrible. Hash tag canadian abroad. Send maple.

I rented a moto and went to a waterfall. It was super awesome. I was not so sure about the price of the moto. Which was $7. Which is like food for most of the day or a nicer room. But I’m so glad I went. I’m really burnt to a point where im nervous about what it’ll feel like tomorrow 

I was having pizza at a really obscure place in town and a guy came and put his beer in front of me. I was like oh great. Now what. but it was a guy I had met in phnom penh! He’s from sydney and hes hiked through Nepal. Pretty neat. He has a bad knee from playing cricket all his life.  He’s 19 😂😂😂 Killed some time at the pizza place. Walking home in the dark a dog started following me and barking. Then there were 5 or 6 of them. And I was like this is it. This is how I get rabies and die. I yelled at them and they would back off for a second. It was hard not to run. I made it without getting bit. I told someone later about it and he said to carry a long stick or a pocket of rocks at night because the dogs join a pack and go crazy. Apparently it’s worse if your on a bicycle. I was warned about them in kampot but I haven’t seen it yet. They’re so sleepy and dosile during the day! 😨

The girl across from me has a tattoo in her armpit. That’s next level


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  1. irene fizzell says:

    Love the waterfall pic! I guess you will be there for your birthday 🎉🍰🍷😘


    1. Haha actually I’ll be on the bus 😂 but I have a vegetarian resturant picked out to treat myself


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