Sen Monorom 

I keep thinking about how hostels are a safe haven for backpackers. Even though you’ve never been there before, arriving can be very comforting. My last hostel was fairly clean. my room was on the 4th floor. That was the hardest 4 flights of stairs to climb. I always convinced myself I was at the top only to find out I had 1 more floor to go. Everytime. Stupid 3rd floor. I feel like the cheapest places you meet the coolest people.  I met a guy from New Jersey that has been backpacking for a year and 8 months. He’s writing his second book. Seems like everyone has quit their job or is freelance. There’s a communal sense of not knowing what their going back home to do, and not caring 

I got up early and woke up my friend who is going to the same town as me. Then I went downstairs and woke up the hostel guy sleeping downstairs for checkout…the tuk tuk outside was awake at least. 

This is before 7am!

Our driver didn’t know where the bus pickup actually was. It’s always kind of funny watching someone get angry. My friend kept repeating the bus company name. However, that doesn’t help the guy find the place. I was just happy that someone else was in the tuk tuk for the early morning transport with everything I have with me. I was surprised I didn’t miss my bus. 

Most of the day was spent in and out of sleep, melting in the van, remembering I forgot deodorant, and eating strawberry oreos  (the coconut ones are the best) I’m in Sen Monorom now. The Internet says sen monorom is an overgrown village. I do concur. Dinner even included sketchy tofu (sour). By avoiding meat I thought that would mean avoiding sketchy food. 

Elephants tomorrowwww 

That’s a chop stick to lock the bathroom door. I love it

The main streets are a little more built up than my pictures…paved roads

I had a jackfruit and avacado shake a couple places down from my hotel. They served me tea with it and it was 75 cents. At the big tourist places they’re $2. Funny. Plus I got to watch their toddler shove a skewer of meat into a hard boiled egg.

This town is far less traveled. And the tourists don’t really stay in town/stick to expat accommodations. I think my exposed shoulders and blonde hair bamboozled some people. Kids run up and say hi, not to pinch you. Local ladies affectionately touch you. From “wear your backpack backwards” phnom penh to here is quite a change. (Wear your backpack backwards meaning on your chest instead of your back) I finally will get some use out of my Khmer /english dictionary


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  1. Irene Fizzell says:

    The adventure continues……. xoxox


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