Phnom Penh 

I’m determined not to be a dirty Backpacker.  It’s honestly kind of difficult. Everyone’s so sweaty all the time. But I’m seeing and hearing things that I can’t believe. I’m sure these people enjoy more showers in their normal lives. I’ll leave out who they are but one guy had a very bloody toe and slept without the fan on (super sweaty) and he was telling me he would start his day right away and there was no time to shower. I was like ummm there’s probably time to shower. You should probably do that. Another guy got an abscess. It’s actually an hilarious story. Don’t worry guys. I’m not going to be THAT dirty 😱😷 hopefully those guys never read this 

I rented a moto with a guy that has the same plans as me for the next couple of days. Being on the back of a scooter being driven by a random person I just met, following another scooter of random people, not knowing where we’re going… i think I’ve faced every control issue I’ve ever had. I don’t trust myself to drive

And on top of that when I got off the bike my pants got caught up in a bungee cord.  Idk. Don’t ask. So then I had a random girl from Holland trying to unhook the crotch of my pants for me. 

Last night I was sitting in my hostel after sun down and thinking I’d just read and go to bed or something lame. But I ended up meeting some more people and it turned into a big night. Our table was outside and at one point two children came up and started pinching a guy for money. They did it for at least 10 min. 

We had a self inflicted flu and got a slow start. Our plan was to take the moto and do the prison and killing fields. However we decided we weren’t fit to attempt to navigate through the city and traffic.

Asia has got one thing wrong. And that thing is cheese. Omlete with cheese anyone? 

So we hungout around the area. Trying to get into the kings palace was the highlight of my day. My shoulders were indecent so I brought a sarong to cover up. Not good enough.  I had to buy on of their shirts. Then we tried again and this time my friends knees were indecent. I asked him if he had any American length shorts. Nope. So he tried putting shorts half way up to cover his knees. Didn’t work. And it probably didn’t help I thought it was hilarious. So he was forced to buy pants from them. The actual palace was meh. 

My super cool shirt

There’s young pretty Cambodian women with old expat men and it’s the creepiest thing ever. I sat next to one ‘couple’ today. He had a full on breakfast and she had only a drink. He was on the phone and she put in his sugar for his coffee and stirred it for him. It seemed like a pretty big language barrier.

I found an amazing vegetarian resturant by accident. I got a fresh passion fruit bubble tea and sat on their swing chairs. I was unfortunately not hungry, but I’ll come back before I fly out of cambodia.

 That’s a bad picture but whatever. It’s cheap and there’s lots of stuff

And here’s some from the palace 

I found the first grocery store I’ve seen in Cambodia. There was an aisle of oil


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  1. Nan says:

    now…..finally someone elsein the family going to involve the phrase ‘no cheese’ please He, Angelia Jolie is hanging around your area. I doubt very much if her living accommodations will be similar to yours, but you may want to keep a loop out and maybe borrow some appropriate ‘shoulder/knee’ clothes I am sure a shower will be the most treasured gift when you get home. If you can find a decdent one bed/shower or whatever please go for it, let us know and we can give it to you for your birthday


  2. Nan says:

    oh yes, nice art work on the temple and gorgeous flower….one place I just could not go with you would’ve been the killing fields……too many government lies involved. It would make me sick…oh ya…I am…guessit wouldn’t matter lol


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