Nobody likes Phnom Penh 

I’ve seen a funeral precession, a wedding, and a birthday. Had some birthday cake. Ate some salt from some mud. (I agree, I also didn’t think it was smart) Did some mild spelunking that turned into yet another moment of what have I done. I’ll just say it involved a Cambodian child telling me where my next foothold was and a Swedish guy below me saying “please don’t fall” There’s a pre- angkor temple in a cave. We took the easy route then couldn’t leave without finding the secret route 

Here’s the salt shed. The salt was like 8ft high 

Stayed at a great hostel in kampot and met some lovely people from around the world. I loved this wall. Apparently it’s just the alphabet not some profound quote 

I’m in phnom penh now. If you ever want an adrenaline rush take a 3 star mini bus. They drive on the right side of the road here. But only like 75% of the time.

 Nobody likes this city. Driving in, the bus stopped to let someone off and a bunch of tuk tuk drivers ran up and ran with the bus. Pointing and claiming which passenger would be theirs. Another what have I done. Luckily we didn’t get off there. We wove through the city, passing through a major mechanic area. Parts for scooters hanging everywhere from tents. Grease everywhere. 

Public urination is ok here. Unfortunately I’m always like why is that guy inspecting that wall so closely!? Then I realise…

I had some handmade noodles. Honestly they were bland. The spring rolls were amazing. Got a nose bleed. Turns out you don’t need to speak the same language to communicate your needs in that situation

I walked to the river. I got to the royal palace before i decided to turn around.  I was noticing some prolonged looks. Finally I noticed a certain look females give other females when they think they’re dressed too scandalous.(the glare is universal?) I guess tank tops aren’t ok here? Idk. so I went back to put on a tshirt and the sun was just setting. I knew that would probably be the end of my day. Wondering around at night in phnom penh didn’t seem like a good idea 


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  1. Nan says:

    Maya,my-heart just explodes for you and the adventures you are having You see the pictures you post and think you’ve picked up a travel magazine that is gorgeous but means diddlley squat as there isn’t a connection to them…BUT now I can say I know that photographer and I know her excitement


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