Three rights still makes a left

Bike the temples I said. It’ll be fun I said. I’ll do the long route I said. 

There’s $1 bike rentals for all day. I got the bike and they stood their watching like they wanted to find out if I could ride a bike. I looked up where I was going quickly and needed to go left. So I waited on traffic then tried to dart across. Immediately I changed my mind and went straight. I adopted the three right turns to loop around the block instead of turning into oncoming traffic. My level on the totem poll of traffic was reiterated when I realised I didn’t have a bell. 

I think I went to the first temple around 7. By 830 it was really hot out. I’ve heard people say they wouldn’t want to get more than the one day pass and see the main temples. Angkor wat is huge and flabergasting but it’s very cleaned up, for an ancient ruin. I got a three day pass and I’m happy I did. Every temple today had something new to offer. Maybe this one has elephants or one had some filming going on. There was a monk covered in tattoos. He walked into yhe court yard and lit a smoke. I’m not too sure about his authenticity lol. One temple there were a small group of older Asian ladies. Their posing was hilarious and they were having a great time. I got one to take my picture since she seemed to know what she was going. She yelled at everyone to move out of my shot. It was great.

The trees are only temporary…looks like they’re trying to hold this one together and get the stump out

 it’s hard to show how big these trees are. Heres a selfie with that knobby circular root on the left to try and show the size

My arms are gross. My hands have sparse red bumps. My forearm, the upper side, is burned. Moving up to my upper arm has a lovely full on heat rash

I got a fruit smoothie from a guy at angkor wat. He gave me $2 USD bills for change. I was like no no. He was like same same. I had my drink and I asked if he had any other change or bills. No no same same.  I went to a nice cafe and tried to pay with the $2 bills. Hey maybe it’s a thing in Cambodia. And they wouldnt take them. So I went back and I gave him some options. I could give him more and he’d give me a different bill. ..whatever etc etc. He was all huffy but guess what? He had other bills on him. It’s not the first . Paper money seems so old school to me now. So many countries have the rip proof plastic stuff with see through windows. I don’t think they use coins here. Their own currency, riel, is used for anything less than an USD. 

I biked home at 530pm. In asia. In traffic. There was a lot of swearing and going the wrong way cause someone cut me off. It would’ve gone better if the bike wasn’t too big for me. I was on the home stretch when I saw a women selling soursop. I came to a screeching halt,  which was a squeaky glide with the brakes I had. She had like 20. What the hell girl. Where did they all come from?!

The whole time I shower I’m like don’t open your mouth. Don’t open your mouth. And the rest of the day is take your hands out of your mouth. Don’t touch your food. 

Later this will be that time I biked the temples in Cambodia. But for now my butt is sore and my heat rash is gross


2 Comments Add yours

  1. irene fizzell says:

    You are a trooper, enjoy your well earned rest.


  2. Nan says:

    sounds like a birthday you will remember for a very long time specially the water So amazing Maya….so incredible.Just keep that unbending spirit strong and alive Check out the moon ……we are all there waiting on the other side waiting for your return mouse


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