Trantula samosas 

I always think so many backpackers are so lazy, sleeping in till 11 or so everyday. I’d do that at home but there’s things to see! But I guess they’re on vacation so I’ll let it slide

I got up early to check the ride/tuk tuk share for a temple tour but nobody signed up with me so I went back to bed. The heats already out in full force if you sleep in. Unfortunately. 

I tried to wonder out of the tourist area. I walked by a highschool and there were some food carts. I thought it was still touristy. Then I realised it’s for the high school students. Got a pineapple for half the price I can get it at the temples. I thought, this is the stuff that kills racism. High school students want snacks. Doesn’t matter where you are. People like to comment ‘it’s so backwards over there!’ In regards to Asia. Well not really. Kids don’t like it when parents whipe their messy face. There’s rich. There’s poor. Sometimes people eat bugs. Highschool students want snacks.

Time to support local breweries.

Had some fruit on my balcony

That’s a big fruit!

I’ve been on the hunt at the market for the mysterious sour sop. I found one and the lady told me 5 dollars and I was like lol no way. Today I saw one and it was gone. Nooooooooooo 

I found a cafe that serves bugs. All fancy like. I said I would eat trantula here but they are soooooo nasty at the street vendors. You can get crickets at the market. …I just. Ugh. can’t. Nope. Anyways I went to this cafe and I got trantula samosas. Honestly the weirdest part was there was feta in the samosa. Who does that?! And also I had a fancy watermelon mojito. After eating 2 samosas I read a little bit and then psychologically it was really hard to eat the last one after thinking about what was in it. There was a little bit of leg sticking out of a bite and I was going to pull it out and eat it separately but the thought was too much. I don’t think I could eat some of their other food where you can see the whole bug.

I had a “poor me all alone” moment for 2 SECONDS! And a girl ended up sitting next to me. Turns out she’s nuts and PETRIFIED of dogs. And as I might have mentioned there’s 1 or 2 stray dogs around. I’ve never seen someone act like that. I got up to leave and she downed her glass of wine. Like I was impressed. And I thought she was going to all ask me to walk her to her hostel and protect her from the dogs. 

I was being watched. He wanted my bug samosas. Actually one scurried onto the table and ate an ant. We both had a bug snack hehe 🐜

As I was eating my bug food, alone, on valentine’s day, I was reading a very sarcastic novel about a girl that finds herself in hell. The english girl was bug – eyed when I told her what the book is about. Haha. ….see what I did there. ….

I got some soursop drinks on the way home. I have a favourite street vendor. I can get fried noodles with egg for a dollar and a soursop and passion fruit mix drink for a dollar. Usually soursop is extra. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nan says:

    tarantula and various specicies of bugs for the big day of love – i totally forgot about it but…..think I would rather that than spending the meals with my favourite special person. From now on it will be Happy Bug Day


  2. irene fizzell says:

    Wow, you really are on an adventure. Happy Valentine’s Day, my amazing goddess child 💕 I have such admiration for the person you are. I guess you are sleeping now. I am spending Valentines without Garry but will be getting my hair did and then going out for dinner with Mom and Tonicha. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Much love 💕


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