Tomb Jones

Feels like ive been here forever. 

I did what’s known as the small circle tour today. I read I should ask for the tour backwards to avoid some crowds. Off to the tomb raider temple. (I’ve been using tomb raider and Indiana Jones interchangeably but they were filmed in different places. I’m so lame when it comes to movies. Whatever the opposite of a movie buff is. Movie dumb) then angor wat. Then angor thom. I’ll post pictures later. There’s a lot and more to come. I didn’t go into the centre of angor wat. There was a long line up to get in. Then there was a very steep ladder/steps to climb. I was like 100% sure I would pass out just waiting in line. I sat in the shade and came to terms with myself that it’s 65c degrees warmer than I’m climatized to. I have a 3 day pass so I’ll go back when it’s cooler in the morning. I got a coconut to make sure that I didn’t pass out. I felt terribly touristy but eventually got over myself cause I’m already CLEARLY a tourist.

Me in my tuk tuk with my coconut. The tuk tuk rides between places were were a blessing. Some shade and a breeze and somewhere to sit. 

The reconstruction work of the temples is really cool. I parts there’s piles of rubble and it looks like they label the blocks and try to put humpty dumpty back together again. I really like when there’s an entrence and one side is the statue, the other side is a modern model of what it originally looked like. I don’t know why everything fell apart. I think it’s because of the trees and the jungle. I read the trees get planted by birds (poo) and then the tree grows onto of something and reaches it’s roots down. The trees don’t seem to notice they are pushing giant stone buildings over. The trees themselves are huge. But there’s a lot of rubble and it makes me feel like there was and earthquake or a war.

I changed to a more popular hostel. It’s cleaner feeling and there’s a pool. Same price. I didn’t take a picture of the last hostels bathroom because I was busy lying to a myself that it was fine. 

I explored more of the meat market. It’s like having a loose tooth you can’t stop playing with. It hurts but it’s exciting. People grab the raw meat with their bare hands. Sellers sit cross legged on the table with their goods in front of them. Wilbur says salutations. 

I had Cambodian version of marble slab ice cream. You pick the fruit you want and they mix it in with ice cream mix/milk/fluid stuff. I wanted to tell this kid that it’s the best part of growing up. Nobody can tell you that you can’t have ice cream. You can kinda see his mom is pulling is arm. Mines dragon fruit, taro, passion fruit flavored topped with mango. It always freaks me out when a child speaks something other than English. I’m like woah Smarty pants. Then I realise the kids japanese and I’m in japan. Or Cambodian and khmer. Khmer is a crazy language. Everyone speaks some degree of english here

There’s a bar I really want to go to called angor what? I walked by it yesterday and I was like damn everyone in there is so cool. I went in today and sat at the end of a long bench and met a German couple. I’ve been talking to a few female friends about lying about our jobs. For a few reasons. I’m really not interested in talking about lufthansas intake process. I know. I know you know. Let’s move on. I tricked him into trying a pickled tamarind I bought and then was too weirded out to try. I won’t buy it again but it’s ok.

And the highlight of my day. I needed more water and there’s a gas station kiddy corner to us. I picked up some water and snacks and went to cross the road again. Crossing the street is playing frogger to put it simply. A monk came up beside me and we waited for traffic to slow. It took a while and there were some iffy gaps and one of us would take a step forward then come back to the curb. I was like I’ll just go when this dude goes cause he’s got a better idea what he’s doing. And nobody’s going to hit a monk. That’s gotta be some kind of bad juju. Anyways neither of us were going and he turned to me and chuckled. Eventually we ran across the street together.  

I’m basically Angelina Jolie anyways. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. irene fizzell says:

    Lovely way to start my day. I’m thrilled to be reading about your travels. Thinking of you 💕


  2. Nan says:

    Wadda ya mean tourist. I cannot see where you’ve done one touristy thing…even smart enough to try that ladder earlier in the morning. Is that the place I wrote you about before you left? Can you just imagine the stories those trees in the restoration area have? Mmmmmm call me if you go to the meat market one more time!!!!!!! I’ll get some lottery tickets…or sell the car to meet up with you


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