They almost didn’t let me into cambodia. I guess something was wrong with the date of my visa. When I applied was supposed to be the day I arrived? I thought it was good for 3 months anyways. I’m here somehow. My bag decided to join me as well.

There’s a window to get a taxi at the airport so it was fairly legit. My taxi, Ty and I, pulled up at my hostel around midnight and said we arrived. It was overgrown and falling apart and i was like omg what have i done. I was looking out the wrong window. It was on his side.

Today’s theme is uncomfortable. 

Didn’t sleep a lot. Between excited and having warm air around me for the first time in a long time and the pack of stay dogs howling outside.

Took a while to get myself going. Walk outside and a man without legs goes by the entrance. I’m like 3 blocks from the main tourist area… walk along the crumbling sidewalk by stray dogs, a tuk tuk repair, people sleeping balancing on their scooters. I find a nice cafe and had a really white person meal. Didn’t hold back and it was 10 bucks. 

I recovered from my shock, thanks to avacado on toast and a flat white. I went across the street to the market and got some pants and a sarong for the temples tomorrow. There are shirts that say ” no tuk tuk today or tomorrow ” which is actually pretty funny. That’s all I’ve been saying today.

I found the wet part of the market  (food). The fruit made me really excited and the meat was semi terrifying. I swear a chicken foot reached out and grabbed my arm. Someone sprayed water from a hose onto my foot and I internationally freaked out. There’s some street food in the market that the locals were eating at. I’m tempted to try before I leave the city. The clothing part is very touristy but the food part seems to be more authentic. I feel too European shaped to manouver around.

My hostel doesn’t have a kitchen and I cut open my papaya with a broken 2 pronged plastic fork. I’m pretty talented. 

Went to the sister hostel where they have a pool. And I felt super awkward and elitest. 

View to the left…

and view on my right….

Then I got a massage which was again… uncomfortable. I wasnt too confident I knew exactly what kind of massage it would be. Turned out with was normal haha. 

Wandered out the other direction and found all the boutiques and large colonial hotels. They must have clumped everything together. There’s a hard rock cafe, ect ect. No stray dogs.i walked by a modern ‘stainless steal and cement decore’ cold pressed juice place. A sudden craving for kamboucha hit me and I spun around.  I asked if they had any. He said yes and I said “you sure looked like you did!” And he gave me a blank stare. I forget not everyone likes my humour. He said they also have a garlic kamboucha that’s very strong. I refrained from saying “i dont have any friends here anyways” since he didn’t like my first joke. So speaking of elitest. …im enjoying my salted caramel vegan raw cake in air conditioning. Sipping on ginger passion fruit kamboucha in a wicker chair swing. 

Temples tomorrow and maybe I’ll need less white people food, with Billie Jean playing in the background, for comfort. 

Wet market closed. Extra smelly at night 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. irene fizzell says:

    Wow, quite the experience! I’m glad your bag finally made it. How long are you traveling for? Where will you be for your birthday?


    1. I’m not sure where I will be on my birthday haha. I might be on a bus 😂 but there will be elephants just before and planning on being fancy in Singapore just after


  2. Nan says:

    Maya, as long as long as you never teach a class in Mayastinenburism NO one will ever catch on to all of your huymorisms you will enjoy peace and quiet on your bamboo swing


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