I was packing up my things this morning and I grabbed something that wasn’t mine. It was something rectangular and wallet size in a stocking with as knot tied at the end. What could this be!?!?!? Did I find some backpackers money stash they left behind? Is it drugs? I undid the knot and pulled out *drum roll please* a large bar of soap. I tied the knot again and hid it in the locker for the next unexpecting traveler.

I grabbed some food. It was like a Smithy’s equivalent. I got coffee with tapioca pearls. I love tapioca pearls. I dont know many people back home that like them. I made sure to get the coffee, not the milk tea I’ve established I don’t like. I didn’t like my food and kept looking for relief from my drink…which *ahem*…. I didn’t like. They sat another single person at my table and I tried to eat long enough that it didn’t look like I was leaving because of her. 

Taking the train to the airport I was a little uneasy.  There was a little attack at my station last night. Apparently it was due to ‘personal reasons’ not terrorism. I guess it wasn’t that bad because i still laughed when the speaker announced you should avoid falling over. And I laughed again when a lady, like 90% she was a model, had a fit because she had to line up. She rolled her eyes with her entire body. That’s next level.

Cool things about the train to the airport…personal speakers. And the simple kiosks. You just touch your destination for the price

I was given the room where to pick up my bag. Down the never ending hallway. Follow the light. They went to the wrong place to deliver it yesterday. Why would they look at the address i gave them? No no. At least they didn’t leave it there


I tried to do things like brush my hair and put on deodorant before checking my bag again. I was selected for a pat down. Assuming the stance, I soon realised the deodorant didnt help the 3 days of the same shirt without deodorant. I was quickly told I could leave 😅😅😅

Hong Kong money. This roughly 3 canadian dollar equivalent. I like the wavey 2 dollar coin. I try to not have western food when traveling but I’m done with chinese/hong kong cuisine. There’s a smell to their resturants. I don’t know what it is but I don’t appreciate it. I’m sure it’s as comforting smell to peoole that grow up with it. Me, notttttt so much. So I spent my left over cash on a ‘golden sesame’ flavored starbucks latte. Compromised with myself haha

I think I’m the blonde one with a crown and no bag 

Crazy things you aren’t allowed to take with you. Such as ivory, turtles, cocaine, alligators, and bear bile. You know the usual. 

Layovered in hazy Hanoi. (Capital of Vietnam) i had pho and Vietnamese coffee and then anxiously waited around forever watching peeling nosed travelers.

I’m arriving too late for the hostel to pick me up. Blehhh


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