Hong Kong

Someone once told me that I wouldn’t like hong kong style milk tea. She was right

It’s so nice to walk around. I’m cold because I only have a shirt and leggings. But it’s not -20 c or so. I’ll take it. Someone was watering shrubs and i reliased i havent smelled wet dirt in a long time. Also the ocean was a welcomed sent.

I keep comparing everything to tokyo. It is very similar but definitely different. As well as vancouver. Vancouvers nickname of hongcouver makes even more sense. Vancouver is like a baby hong kong. I am shocked how multicultural it is here. It’s amazing. I love it.

I took the ferry over to the island. Whatever that means. I don’t know the districts. It was super cool. One street would be high end off beat boutiques and wine, turn the corner and it turned into dried octopus and hanging raw ribs. Turn another corner and it would become an alley selling cheap clothes. Exit that street and I almost walked into the hood of a Tesla. And no it wasn’t scary. I had 20 dollars in my purse which is the equivalent to 3 canadian dollars. I also look like I just walked out of yoga class (bag is still on a solo adventure without me) and again, people are pretty fashionable here. Trench coats, round glasses, front bangs with a grey bob. 

Now i will talk about food cause what else would I talk about. This morning i set out on the search. First I saw a pastry shop and I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to find food so there was a bun with a hashbrown on top and I was like yup that’s for me. It was a bun with potato so…ya

I ended up eating at this place. The buns were supposed to be egg flavour? It was kinda yolky in the middle. But it was super sweet. I’ve never had those buns because they always seem to be filled with pork, but the texture is neat. It’s like you’re biting into a sticky cloud. And the fried vegetable wonton was served with ketchup and I was like heck yes #fusion. Now I’ll always want spring rolls with ketchup and tell everyone it’s what they do in Hong Kong, sipping my tea with my pinky in the air.

That was a joke about ketchup being highclass for the record.

The lady gave me my food and pulled open the drawer while walking away which made me laugh because of the time in tokyo I sat watching everyone because I didn’t know where the utensils were kept. Until someone from the back room hollered at me in english “IN THE BOX! “. Which was weird in tokyo but it would be more normal here. 

There was an upscale Gelato place I wanted to go to. Got a little lost then the sign was like a beacon 

Saw my very first Shepard fairy original in person. 😍 this is a big deal guys! this guy did the Oboma hope poster many years ago. He has his own clothing line now, called Obey.

There’s also this lovely lady

And also shout out to this store and their Damien Hirst ‘for the love of god’ inspired piece.  “Its time to collect diamonds ” was their current collection haha

That’s the original art piece 

And some more pictures 

Found a polar bear in Hong Kong. Hey old friend

Victoria harbour is very cool. I am probably lucky it’s cold out and maybe it cleared up the smog a bit

I spent the evening in my hostel waiting for my bag that didn’t come. Plus it was pretty cold to not have a jacket or sweater.

Hong Kong looked super boring online. But I’m glad I’ve been forced to spend another day. It’s really interesting and not quite like anywhere I’ve ever been. Hong Kong. Bring cash. 


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  1. Irene Fizzell says:

    Wonderful photos Maya! Hoping your bag shows up soon, if it doesn’t , don’t they owe you some money for replacing items? xoxox


  2. Nan says:



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