Take me westbound! To the east!

Leaving my town, it was -33c. Then I went to Calgary where it was -20. Not backpacking in asia weather. I picked up a jacket from the thrift store and was wearing my old sweat pants around downtown Calgary. I felt pretty high class. I ditched these before getting on the flight to asia. 

I had a lovely but quick visit with some friends and I’m off. Checking my bag I was told the flight was full (I fly standby). 

Going through security someone had to leave behind two large jars of Nutella. It was very sad. 

There were a bunch of connecting passengers who’s plane was late. The airline was waiting to see how many passengers running from the connection would make it. Travel tip: at least look like your hustling. Not only does it identify you as one of the late passengers it also shows you’re trying. It makes the difference. Anyways some people decided not to hustle and I made it on the plane 😀

While taxiing out I quickly bought my ticket out of Hong Kong. I’m not sure if it’s needed but ….just in case.

There has even been an extra vegetarian meal. Thank you to the vegetarian who doesn’t run who’s not on their way to hong kong today. Although I didn’t get upgraded this flight I think I might live through it. In my excitement I forgot how to pour my free beer

Oh the flight attendant would like everyone to know club soba I just ordered is very bad for my stomach. At least the last drink was bad for my liver and this one is bad for my stomach. Gotta give each organ a break


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  1. Irene Fizzell says:

    And so it begins…..


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