I like your optimism 

We had a in flight medical emergency. They were asking for a doctor in 3 different languages. Cool but also not cool. I was convinced we were diverting to Bejing. We didn’t. I made it to Hong Kong. Although my travel companion didn’t  (I hope my bag has a fun extra night in Vancouver) 

I was going to spend only one night here but I guess I’m supposed to spend 2. So far everything has been amazing. After japan this is easy.  There’s wifi in the airport and on the train, there’s oodles of English, and a girl from my flight recognized me and asked if I needed help. She likes my optimism. I don’t care I had a middle seat. The moms on either side of me were friends going to Thailand by themselves which is super cool. And my bag gets delivered to my hostel instead of me lugging it there.

However finding the hostel was not so easy. Coming up from the subway people were in a honking battle. After that died down I started to hear the mummer of the sales men “handbags handbags  handbags” “hello miss miss miss. Excuse me miss” After a lot of circling the block one of the sales men asked what I was doing haha.  I had to go to the 11th floor of one building and there was a sign to take me to the 3rd floor. Then my bed was across the street on the 15th floor. 

My roommates are terrible. Well just one of them. The tv on in the room at midnight is not cool. I also picked the highest bed and don’t want to risk my life climbing down for earplugs. 

They have bamboo scaffolding! 😨:o:o


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