Fetch me my harem pants and malaria pills

An ode to Google… Angkor Wat is massive. It’s easy to find a run down of the most popular temples in the park to try to decide if I want to see them. However, google maps is my best friend. I was checking out Siem Reap on google maps and I noticed there’s square lakes and moats to the north of the city but not in the park. Zooming in I found out there are in fact temples there. They look fairly untouched and I imagine I’ll be the only one there. Most of them are crumbling and vine covered, my introverted self is very excited about it.

However this has made me think about what traveling was like 20 or 30 years go. With eVisa now-a-days, I can’t imagine sending my precious passport out in the big world without me via mail. Girl, that shit is so unreliable. I had mail lost last week. It’s 2017! AND it was being tracked. Also, not being able to google something! Shut up. You’d have to go to the library and go find a lonely planet book. (I’m not bashing lonely planet, they tell it how it is and I love it “this place is underwhelming”) And then landing somewhere foreign and trying to find your hostel. What do you do? taxi? I swear by trains during confusing times. No bartering, no taxis deciding to take you somewhere else, no confusing buses. It makes me thing of my families famous story of how my mom was stuck in India about 30 years ago.

Little under a month till my next trip. You bet your boots yours truly is packed and almost ready. Wow there’s so much to do preparing to be away for 2 months. I got my Khmer/english dictionary in the mail today as well as my daily contacts (travel splurge! thanks to my grandparents 😍)

I’ve started correcting people when they say I’m lucky to travel. The luck was being born with an amazing passport that allows me to go so many places.  And I understand the luck side of things with what I’m privileged with. However I’ve worked so hard to get this trip. I call it goal setting, and I would be lying if this wasn’t met with beer-spitting-out laughter.

Going to Japan was learning a little bit about letting go. (Am I getting on my flight? Why is the train going to wrong way? What am I eating? and mostly…Where am I now?) I have slightly different intentions for this next one. Needless to say I’m very excited for fruit and diving and having some colour to my skin.

I’m in love with this article. I find it incredibly relatable. It made me laugh by myself in my apartment  hiding from the -30c weather. I only hope to write something like this on my best black humour i-hate-everyone days. If you choose to read it and it’s too much skip to the last 2 paragraphs.  Behold, a travellers manifesto.  http://www.theskinny.co.uk/travel/features/a-travellers-manifesto

Lastly, here’s some quotes because I’m about that life



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