Bye Bye Tokyo

I didn’t hear my alarm. Luckily I had another random alarm go off an hour later. I had an hour to get ready until my friends english teacher picked me up to take me to the airport.

We drove for a little to Narita. We stopped at a museum type place. It’s hard to discribe being pure pressured by a Japanese person … but I haven’t figured out how to win 


Anyways the teacher pressured me and here I am in a Komono. Best part is I got to keep the socks

People in the area ate it up. Ladies ran up to me to take my picture and one lady facetimed her grandmother. There’s lots of pictures but I’m terrible at posing. Plus after the third picture I usually give up. I thought kamonos were kinda comfortable but not really. There’s so much fabric! and lots of ties and open hiding. She could have tied them tighter I’m sure. (you can’t dress yourself in a komono) The shoes are as terrible as I thought. The worst part was the silky top of the shoe with the stock is super slippery.

Kanako made me a lovely anklet! 😍

Pillow or samari or geisha. Can’t crush the do 

Original beyblades 

Did you know juggling is an old japanese game? I didnt

I spent my last yen appropriately. At vending machines.

With the special flight program I’m flying with, the captain needs to approve my ticket. The pilots asked to see me. I walked into the aircraft and stood in the galley for a kid to leave the cockpit. I was asked by a flight attendant where my seat was (nice way of saying sit the **** down) and I pointed to the cockpit. I wish i had a picture of her face haha. 

I thought I didn’t get a tv but it’s in the arm. Yeassss

I chatted with the guys a bit. Got some pictures. One guys son used to fly for my company. Annnnnd hello free upgrade. I originally had a window seat but I’ll take the extra leg room and preflight oj. There’s nothing to see on long flights anyways. 

Thank you Japan and all the lovely people I met! ❤✌ 


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