I was pretty lethargic today. I think it was a mix of lack of coffee,  lack of fruit, lack of protein  (so. much. starch) unless you want raw fish. As well as running around.

I wandered to the grocery store and watched an old japanese movie. Sweet 80s sound effects when they’re fighting off the ninja. I found a sento ( public bath house) that accepted tattoos. It was an interesting experience. I felt great. Basically I hungout with naked old ladies in a piping hot tub. There was also an electronic tub (Idk? ) a carbinated tub, milky  (mineral?) and cold bath.

I Wandered into a textile district. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. 

I got a snack of tempura, miso, and beer (common word for japense to know in english Ie. Dog snacks = dog  cookie) I love eating out here. When you walk in its like a happy dance party and everyone says a greeting that I should really find out what exactly they’re saying. People in the front say it. People in the back say it, chefs…..ect.  They give your bill right away and leave you alone. Drinks are self serve and if you want something you just yell “Excuse me!” Then they yell HAI and come running over.

At home we had ramen…. later I was going to regret this. I had a tiny headache and they didn’t have any pain killers. They offered to pick me up something. It was just a little headache so I said it was ok. My friends husband started showing me his hobbies and photos. Unfortunately my headache got worse and I decided to go to bed. Not too long after my headache was terrible. I ended up puking. Some fun facts…  i dont recomend puking noodles. Secondly most japanese toilet seats are heated and that part was nice as I was crying and gagging. I woke up my friends to get something for me. I felt bad but I had to do something.  I didn’t think I was dehydrated or that I pushed myself at the sento but I guess I did. If you don’t get sick while traveling did you really even travel ? 

I’m ok this morning. Drank a litre of apple juice and working on 2 litres of green tea.


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  1. Nan says:

    l Don’t really enjoy your discomfort but laughed so hard I hurt myself. You are one absolutely incredibly fantastic young woman who we re so proud to know. Big hugs


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