Kamakura and Yokohama 

We drove to a popular town that has a big shrine (tsurugaoka hachimangu) and lots of touristy shopping. ( kamakura )

We went to a bamboo temple and had matcha served in a bowl, traditionally. My friend made her husband have a sip. He doesn’t like matcha as its very bitter. 

My friends husband collects coligraphy from temples. They’re pretty cool… I don’t have a picture

I wanted to stop at a hostel and exchange my book I finished. After I successfully acted out I wanted to get a new book in exchange for the one I finished, they looked at me like I was crazy. I was at a way too nice of hostel to have a communal bookshelf. I’d like to have my grade 8 high school drama grades re-evaluated. You act out book exchange and get a C in drama. 

Here is Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

In the evening we went to China town in Yokohama. We found an arcade. Tomo always lived longer than me. 

Don’t give Tomo the camera

In our defence we were playing on difficult


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