Kabuki in Ginza 

Sitting in line at Kabukaza theater for some standing tickets next to women in komonos. It seems like sometimes you just wear your komono out on town and have a girls day. The sandals look super uncomfortable. Everyone’s heel hangs off the edge of the raised flip flop. 

Kabuki was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. An old guy shedding it on the shamisen which is a twangy 3 string japense string instrument. The language spoken was old japense so everyday people don’t understand it. I had a standing ticket and again the japanese amazed me. They orderly and easily arranged themselves in rows and columns according to ticket number. there were lots of rules which seem to be a theme. No sitting no leaning no blocking the stairs no blocking he exit no eating or drinking no phones no camera or film no talking no bag crunching and other similar noises. With just a standing ticket there’s the possibility I wouldn’t be able to see. Looking over the crowd to the entrance, I laughed. OCCASIONALLY people are taller than me but I think on average I’m a head taller. We entered the theater and I laughed again that I thought the japense would allow you to have a poor spot to watch the show.  The seats were stacked dizzyingly high and steep 

Below you can see just the top balcony of seats

If anyone wants to spend money on me there’s Louis viton shoes are awesome 


I bought a hair stick or kanzashi. The ones that have charms and are elaborate are really nice but I bought a simple one for work  


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