Ive heard a couple Japanese men expressing concern for people. Can we have more of that in canada? My friend says her husband was quite concerned last night. When he went to get me drugs he told the pharmacist “my exchange student is dying. I need something strong” to which the pharmacist said no. haha.

This morning, I walked to the convenience store to grab breakfast and a bunch of liquids. I watched Over The Hedge and my friend came home from her morning job.

We decided to go to Asakusa, sky tree, and senso ji. 

I haven’t seen so many foreigners since the airport. there were school kids on a field trip to practice English.  some kids came up to me to ask a couple questions.  One asked me what my job is and I told her I’m a pilot. “beautiful!” she said. Cute. They gave me a gift which was a sticker of her school. 

My friends husband’s parents are both police officers.  My friend was telling me that his father arrested his mother. I was like WTF. I tried asking if it was just for practice. She drew a picture of two people. One she labeled father. The one that had a knife she labeled “muder” which I thought was a misspelling of mother… turns out his father arrested a murderer. So that was a fun story to tell everyone that day that I thought his mother attacked his father and he arrested her. Her husband laughed when we told him. Mother and murder are difficult for japense to annunciate the differences. Also,  boss and bath . 

We picked fortunes. You shake a container till a stick comes out. the stick tells you what drawer to pick from. MMy fortune was good but my friends said her house would burn 😨😨😨

Matcha at the temple was heavily sweetened for foreigners. Pretty funny. You never get the real deal in tourist areas

We met a bunch of people for dinner. I hadn’t done anything that scared me yet that day so when pickled plum and shark cartilage arrived I tried it. …. crunchy…. fishy…. that’s enough adventure for today. The HUGE tuna neck was a little too much for me. There was avacado tempura which the menu said it wasn’t popular. Deep fried avacado sounds like what dreams are made of. I want it again next time I’m hungover.

A waitress at dinner was done her shift and thanked and said goodbye to everyone. She was tipped by a table,  which isn’t common, and she bowed to them like four times. 

Senso ji  this is an accurate face for how I feel about food

This was shortly before I explained what off putting was and how I felt about noodles due to the night before

Sky tree and a brewery with an unfortunate looking design


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