Roppongi and Poutine 

I went to Roppongi. It was a quieter artsy yet buisness area with a lot of hairdressers. It was the kind of place you can get a massage for your dog

 I found a salon with some English and got a nice haircut. I challenged him a little by getting an undercut.  He muttered away to himself in Japanese and practically dancing sometimes. He was super cool. I wish I took a picture of him.  I wanted a design in the shaved area of my head but we discovered my skin colour and hair colour are too similar to notice the lines.  Great cut though. You can’t tell when my hair is down that underneath is shaved. I still have oodles of hair. 

I went to a recommended udon place and tried hot sake. It was ok.  I prefer it cold with tea.  I love pickled plum! umeboshi. It’s a sour acquired taste that not everyone likes.  I had pickled plum and seaweed udon.

Nearby was an art gallery on the 52nd floor, Mori art museum. Sounds  like a must for Maya in the city. My ears popped in the elevator. 

The gallery had me super excited because it took unexpected twists. It started  about zodiacs and when people started mapping the stars, galileo, the world is flat. then had a sword made of meteorite ! 

Ok I really want to share this but it keeps getting deleted for some reason so this is like my fourth try 😤

Following the sword was japan’s oldest story about a girl that was found inside a bamboo shoot. 

After this there was ancient aliens, modern aliens, the collapse of earth, evolution, the possibility of humans moving to a different planet and needed to adapt and evolve to survive. 3D printing and it’s use in space, robots and rocketships. 😮 😆

Collapse of earth (below )

 black hole installment. Overseeing tokyo  (below)

Coming home was poutine party time. Japanese gravy wasn’t too bad. Although it was hard to find. I used mozzarella cheese.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Nan says:

    the art is so unique Maya, wish I could have shared it with you….not the meals..just the art!


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