Cats, owls, robots! Oh my!

I walked to the station and realised I forgot my kanji diagram. I knew the general area I was going and what train to take so I took a stab at it and it worked out just fine. I took a train that goes in a circle so even if I did screw up I’d eventually get there. 

Leaving shinjuku station was a bit of a maze. but, exiting I saw some beefy kelowna style men so I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be. Walking the other way I ran into a don quijote store. It as 6 floors of craziness. From hello kitty brushes to sex toys to fake designer bags to wigs. I accidentally spent like 60 bucks. oops 

Peirce your own ears. yikes.

Next door was a cat cafe… When in Rome. To be totally honest I left early and had to pay for an hour. I had a sweet old cat in a snoopy sweater that he clearly wanted off. :?😣 if you like cats then it’s it’s a cool place.

 My cat cafe Id card

The keeper of manga 
Off to the owl cafe. I spent forever looking for it. When I got there the guy asked if  I had a reservation. My heart dropped and I told him I didn’t.  He said to come back in 30 min for 1 o’clock. ok no problem! I asked where the nearest sushi place was and went there. I’m proud of myself for ordering in Japanese which only takes 3 words but still… I ordered okra natto sushi. The chef gave me a look and I thought I pronounced it wrong but I’m pretty sure he was just suprised I was ordering it. Soooooo I received it and pulled the two pieces apart. There were long mucus like strings. If you’ve ever eaten with me you’ll know that at that moment I wanted to gag and scream and run. I soaked it I’m soya sauce and gave it a go. FML. no thanks. 

I got the piece of sushi down. But there was a problem. There’s two of them…deep breaths and lots of soya sauce. fyi sushi is not served with Wasabi and ginger.  They’re in the sushi. My favourite is pickled plum, which I haven’t seen before. 

I got to the owl cafe just before a family from NYC. I feel like when you’re traveling you’re responsible for representing your country. But, as trump was just elected maybe these people were acurate representitives. The word magestic was used every ten minutes and “owl selfie ” was said almost as often. They were corrected many times that the smaller owls weren’t babies but just a different breed. And so on…. ANYWAYS the owl cafe seemed like a way for a bird crazed guy to support his hobby. He was totally in love with them. It was great. I stayed the full hour this time. I’ll put the photos at the end of this post

I walked to a nearby garden. I hobbled around there.  My feet are pretty broken with so much walking and standing around (not very often there’s a seat on the train) It was nice but I was expecting the tea house to be something different than it was. I was anticipating some traditional ceramony where a geisha would serve me kinda thing. No such luck.

They had a lovely green house that I wished my grandmother could walk around with me.

I found a Krispy Kreme. Heck yes. I flexed my japanese skills by using every word I knew. Hello…Apple…Matcha thank you. I only got the apple one because I knew how to say it. “Ringo,  like beatles” 

Sitting outside Krispy Kreme I noticed a curry shop that claimed to be 10 times tokyo award winner. Ok. show me what ya got. 

I ordered avacado curry. Spiciness level 8. I got the same look was when I ordered okra natto sushi. He doubted my spice tolerance.  How dare he. It was fantastic. There were four help yourself sides. Potatoes, seaweed, orange mystery item, super mystery item that I thought might be tiny eggs. Turns out orange mystery item was just ginger and the other was picked garlic.  Seaweed is a great side for curry. I loved it there. Many restaurants have a library of Manga books you can read. Manga is basically a comic book but there’s a large selection and some of the art is amazing.

 The variety of music I hear in Japan makes me so happy. The popular variety station where I’m staying is actually a variety. I’ve heard everything from J pop to screamo to Panic at The Disco. My friends husband majored in English in university but has since forgotten almost everything. So we can’t really talk without some help. He was telling me English bands he likes and I introduced him to Billy Talent and Rise Against while I think he’ll really like.:)

Time for happy laser crazy robot dance. I was a little chocked at he price but I’m totally glad I went. Skip the food, spend your money on drinks. Most of my pictures are on my go pro  so I’ll post them later. But I have some pictures on my phone I’ll put below the owl pictures at the bottom. I lucked out with the front row! The two girls that sat next to me were both clearly dragged there by their boyfriends. The one on my left was a rich Australian and didn’t say a word. Meanwhile  her SO thought he was hilarious and didn’t shut his mouth hole. They kept sticking their giant camera lenses through the chain fence and I secretly wished they might get a little melty from he pyrotechnics from the show. Whatever. I’m a terrible person. The lady on the other side of me sat there with her arms crossed the whole time. Meanwhile I’m in the middle getting white girl sake drunk. More robots! More sake! A line from the show “You are bad! I hurt you!” Its a must do if you’re in tokyo. I did think it was a little short though.

Japanese alcohol… There’s alcoholic tea. I enjoy it 🙂 and something called sour.  Sour is like a cooler but less sweet and sometimes, well, sour, such as the lemon or lime sour. The beer is pretty good too.

I finished my beer walking around the rainy streets cause you can do that in Japan. Kinda drunk maya visited an arcade. It was all I hoped it would be. 

Here’s a picture of a girl (in all  pink ) smoking in he arcade

I got home around midnight and the sobering up walk home sucked. Going uphill with swelling feet is not ideal.


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  1. Nan says:

    Oh Maya, it sounds so incredible and I am so enamoured of your curiosity and ability to just go there – do everything, experience everything I would have loved to see the gardens with you, and I doubt you could have made me leave the owl cafe! I would not however eaten the mucous sushi uh uh


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