Quiet day in Matsudo 

Today was quiet and involved less walking. 

We went grocery shopping. I decided I will try natto which westerners think is pretty nasty. I will let you know. Then we went for sushi. I like that you can pick from the belt or ask for something  (which is done by almost yelling excuse me and what you want) 

The juice boxes made me laugh 

Speaking of yelling I read that people speak very softly here and westerners should try to speak quieter. I question if I’m loud but I think I’m on par… I am constantly told to speak up or stop mumbling at home but I think I just talk at a Japanese volume. 

Next we took my friends husband’s dog for a walk. His name is Kombu which means seaweed. Seaweed supervised our visit to a temple on the way

 We stopped at little museum showing how they used to paint gourds and some other things. 

The at guy looks like he was in Kung fu Panda. 

One of the many vending machines along the way had a kind of popular drink with a gross name. I feel like someone mispelled sweet. However it is an electrolyte drink so it kinda makes sense. Had to try it. 

Seaweed wanted to eat the praying mantis. Dogs are the same everywhere . …

I went to play basketball with some people. I am wearing sneakers for my trip to japan so I thought I would just wear those. We walked inside the Rec centre and people started talking their shoes off. Dammit I forgot I was in japan. my friends said it was ok and wiped the bottom of my shoes down with a dry tissue which did nothing but rip up the tissue. Whatever floats your boat… I’m just lucky they let me have my shoes. Nothing was different about basketball.  it was fun. My dribbling has gotten rusty over the years but I can till shoot ok. Afterwards people started sweeping the court. I wish I had a video of it. There were three people and one of them was on the opposite side. It reminded me of and marching drill. Timed and organised.

Dinner was udon and tempura but I couldn’t eat very much and was mad at myself for having to many snacks after basketball. mochi, crispy bean thingy, Matcha candy I’m addicted to (melty kiss 😍)

Tomorrow: shinjuku 

Fun happy dancing robot times


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  1. Nan says:

    Looks like you are having an amazing experience. You appear so relaxed soaking up the culture. Mind you, it could be the lemonade!


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