First Impressions 

Guess who actually made it to Japan! I had myself convinced I overlooked something for entry by the way things were going. 

My friend was waiting for me by the doors and she drove me home. The drive was way longer than I imagined.  All the cars are boxy and the roads are super narrow. They alleys are used like a street. It reminds me of Australia where the alleys are actually used and it’s not just a back entry to toss garbage. 

I dropped off my stuff and changed and we were off to karaoke. No time to loose, I’m already a day late! On the train I looked around only to see every one else looking at me. 👀 We met about 6 more people and rented a room. (have you ever seen Lost In Translation ? ) I think you have the option of endless nonalcoholic drinks and endless alcoholic drinks. We opted for the cheaper option. Then I could get whatever I wanted to try on the side. It was nice to drink tea and try to rehydrate myself as well as stay awake. I didn’t sleep on the plane so I ended up staying up for 24 hours. They take their Karaoke seriously and even the more shy people are a million times better than me. I had a failed start with a Spice Girls song. I opted I skip the song after the first course. I ended up doing Gorillas, Feel Good inc. It was terrible. Oh well. I did it. 

I went to Shibuya today. It’s famous for its large scatter crossing and how many people use it everyday. It’s a 15 minute walk from my friends home to the train station. I stopped at a vending machine to try the apparently terrible coffee.  It was in a can…. but the can was pretty hot which shocked me.

 I was walking right before school was about to start which was cool. The little kids being dragged to school by their arms was hilarious. Some things don’t change no matter where you are. I was SO hungry when I got to Shibuya. I went to a Ramen restaurant. You order from a vending machine outside and give your ticket to the lady that runs over to you because you look like a drowned rat/ confused/super not japanese. And then she ushered me over to a seat. It was all bar style seating facing the cook. The entire place was steamy accompanied by my glasses fogging up. I quickly received my ramen and then sat there dying. It didn’t come with chopsticks as I expected. I was debating how to eat my noodles with a spoon and frantically looking at everyone. It was probably hilarious to see.  Finally a customer pointed to a small box in front of me. Thank god.

Im trying to get back now. I just made it halfway home and jumped on the train going the wrong way only to fix the solution where I started 😬 try this again. 

There are a lot of people that wear hygiene masks. Like I knew there would be some but there’s way more than I suspected. Why so many? Should I wear one?

I’ve always felt like a country bumpkin when visiting a city. Even more so since I moved to Fort Smith. Things are just a little nicer and people are more put together in the cities. But holy smokes. I realise I was in a shopping district but the store women look like dolls. There’s every stereotype I imagined. They’re gorgeous! 

I have no idea where I am right now…. going to pretend I’m not super lost…

Since it was raining I decided to find something dry and warm. I convinced myself I could find something that fit. Before I even tried something on, I was admiring a bra and the lady came over to me and basically shooed me away. I stuck to socks and hair accessories after that. haha. Fingers crossed the socks fit!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nan says:

    you are even funnier when you are sleep deprived. If the socks don’t fit …maybe some wild and crazy shoe laces? Note to some chopsticks to carry all the time


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