This was last night dinner. It’s called okonomiyaki. [Oh ko no min yak Ie] We met some of the same same people as the other night. It was fun :mrgreen: 

Today I forgot it’s Saturday and I got up early to all around and everything was closed. This time, I was walking at the same time as the older students. There’s soooooo many people. This city is fairly quiet but when the students are walking to school there is a constant stream.

I was walking around the train station and decided to see what I could find in a vending machine. Lemonade in a polka dot can. Yup. That’s the one for me. It was fantastic. Nothing too ddifferent but  very good.  It wasn’t until I took the picture I realised it was alcoholic hahaha. 

I tend to get looked at as I walk down the street. Sometimes they I’ll give a tiny bow or nod. And apparently my reaction to that is to look at he floor. They don’t smile at passing people like we would in canada . 

BUT when I walk by another white person outside of a tourist area, it’s a super weird interaction and I don’t think I like it. It’s hard not on look at the other white person because they stand out. The fellow whitey lights up and has a big smile and says hey/hi in English. Like why are you so excited? Why do you think I can speak English? I thought the guy today was going to run up and hug me. 

I’m watching some Japanese game shows. They’re living up to my expectations. There’s a grip challenge,  reaction time, and how far you can bend with straight legs. haha.

In a couple hours we are going to Disneyland. Well… disneyland looks better but Disney sea you can drink SO I can’t decide which one to go to. 


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