It takes a village

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes a village to organise this hot mess. I have planned everything out to fly with a special standby rate for pilots. I forgot a document and had to spend a night in Edmonton. I think it took about 15 people to rebook everything and break into my house and get the document I needed and then fly it to me in Edmonton, also I stayed at a friends house. Thank you everyone! So I’m a day delayed and spent 8 hours at the airport waiting for any open seat. I am on my way to Vancouver finally, flying business class! They did not teach me what to do with a hot towel in public highschool. I think the girl in the row over has caught on I’m not one of them. I think my shock of getting two packages of cashews gave it away.  Last decision of the day will be what pairs best with the sunset? Will it be pinto gris or chardonnay?  



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