Whiskey at 11:30 or …12:30? It’s 5 some where. Like Japan? 5am…

This morning was going too smoothy and I was almost wishing for a hiccup so things would feel more real. I picked up my Yen and was off to the airport. I checked in. Security was super fast with like 2 people ahead of me. I wasn’t selected for screening  (which I USUALLY am. I don’t get it because I have an airport security pass. When Im working they scan my fingerprint or eyes and I can bypass security.) Anyways I usually just proceed to the 360… I was selected yesterday.

Anyways I digress. Through security there was free whiskey samples. Never turn down free. I prepared for the flight and was eating and texting my mom. I told her I had 3 hours to hangout and worry. Just my style. She corrected me that I only had one hour! That was exactly what I was looking for. My phone had the wrong time. I think it automatically set the next time zone then I manually changed it and messed it up. I scuttled off to my gate.

I should mention the way I’m flying I am at the bottom of the bottom of the standby people. All the standby people were called up to he gate. Again, me being worrisome me, I was the first in line. She told me the flight was full and handed me a ticket. I thought she was saying I wasn’t getting on but I think she was apologizing for the back of the aircraft in the middle seat? Whatever! I’ll take it!

Thanks Stacy, Jordan, and Tegan for letting me crash at your place!

Froyo. I’ve never done this before. I blacked out a little. It was amazing.

Stacy slaving away working on her homework before everyone woke up. Tegan (her cat) was being creepy and watching her in the hallway but you can’t see her.

I’m onboard the dreamliner 787! Not first class but maybe with a regular seat I can practice for the karaoke that’s scheduled for promptly after my arrival.


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  1. Nan says:

    So how was the $400 sippy cup?


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